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Medium Boxes: Available in sets of 20 and generally come in the size of 18”x14”x12”. These sets serve the purpose of storing toys, clothes, CDs, books and canned food. These boxes are the most popular ones requested by moving individuals and come in both all-weather or regular paperboard.



Large Moving Boxes: These mainly to store larger sized household appliances, kitchenware, odd shaped objects, toys and clothes. Their average size is 20”x20”x14” and are available in sets of 12. 



These boxes store bulky stuff such as blankets, pillows and comforters. Individuals may want to capitalize on their space by packing them with small items; however, they must exercise caution because when these boxes are filled with small solid object they can weigh in excess of 150 pounds. The general size of these boxes is 23”x23”x16” and are sold in sets of 10



Wardrobe Boxes: As the name suggest, these boxes replace your wardrobe during moving. They are capable of storing fully stretched clothes such as jackets, pants, blouses and skirts without them being soiled or wrinkled. They come with hanger rails capable of sustaining the weight of several suites of clothes. There general size is 24”x24”x40” and are sold in sets of 3



Kitchen Boxes: These are specially designed boxes with internal separation used to protect kitchenwares from crashing against each other. They design features strong, durable material capable of withstanding heavy loads. These boxes vary in size and are sold in sets of eight



Frame Boxes: These boxes are vital to the transportation of paintings, mirrors and glass panels. They are 26.5”x6”x41” in size and built with inside padding. Suppliers distribute in sets of nine. Can be sold individually. It is important to protect your valuable artifacts as well as items that have glass.



Starter Moving Kit: includes 3 wardrobe boxes, 12 medium boxes, 5 kitchen boxes, 6 large boxes and 5 extra large boxes.  (6) Rolls of Tape and 50 sheets of wrapping paper. 


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Giving Away Moving Boxes

If you know anyone who is planning a move in the near future or anyone who simply needs boxes for storage, you can give away the boxes you do not need. Even if you do not know anyone personally, it is easy to advertise free moving boxes in the local newspaper as well as online with websites like You can also look into giving your boxes to charity organizations because they can use sturdy boxes for their storage and giveaways


Selling Moving Boxes

You can sell your moving boxes to people you know for very low prices so you can recoup some of what you paid for the boxes in the first place. If they are in great condition, you may be able to get a bit more but you should not expect to get back exactly what you paid. These can be advertised in the local newspaper as well as online with websites similar to Craigslist.


Reselling Moving Boxes

If you bought the boxes from a box retailer or moving supply store, you can often resell your boxes to the store. You may not get much back from the stores because the boxes are used, even if in great condition, but you may get enough back to grab a bite to eat on the way back to your new home




When your move is done you may find yourself faced with a huge number of boxes that you really do not need. You may be able to keep some of then for storing seasonal clothing and decorations that are not used year round, but mostly you will have empty boxes.


Deciding what to do with these boxes can take a bit of thought but there are a variety of ways to get rid of moving boxes. Whether you decide to give them away, sell them to people you know, advertise them online or resell them to the retailer from which you bought them, you can put these sturdy boxes to use for someone else and avoid creating more trash for the environment.




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