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Our committment to our customer is that we stand by our service.  We utilize a standard four review process to ensure that all moves live up to our guarantee.​


Our Reputation is all we have.  That is why we recommend that you contact the agency that licenses us.  The NYDOT or FMCSA records the safety of a company as well as any complaints they may have received.  We are not not there! Because we take pride and care.


Our Reliability is unsurpassed. We generally meet every booked appointment deadline within targeted time provided to our customers.  The only time we are not able to keep our committment are due to unforseen circumstances like traffic or additional work from the previous job.  Even then we will communicate to our clients way ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly. 


Integrity . We have built our company on our CUSTOMERS.  When we do a good job we ask YOU our Customer to give us the best compliment by REFERRING Business our way.  And when you do that we REWARD you .  


I'm Moving Myself - How Many Boxes do I need?

BEDROOMS            SQUARE FEET                                               # Boxes


Studio                      Under 600 sq.ft                                            30-50  

1 BDRM                   600-800 sq.ft  or 800 - 1000 sq.ft.               50-70

2 BDRM                 1000-1200 sq.ft.  or  1200-1500 sq.ft.           70-90

3 BDRM                 1500-1800 sq.ft  or 1800-2000 sq.ft.             90-120

4 BDRM                 2000-2400 sq.ft.  or 2400-2800 sq. ft.   - Need Estimate


Where Can I find Help with My Move?

Moving by yourself can be cumbersome.  We suggest that you recruit help from your local community organizations.  Some of the organizations we recommend are the Boy & Girls Scouts clubs, 4HClub, Search YouTube, Local Community Events, Local High School Office, Local Community Recreation Center, The YMCA, the Local Foodbank or Housing Network, as well as your Local Religous Organization.  The local dignitary office should also be able to provide some additional assistance to those that are in need. 

I NEED FULL SERVICE MOVE - What does that include?

Full Service Moves : 


Generally a full service move means that you want the moving company to come in and wrap all of your heavy bulky items such as TV's, Dressers, Appliances, etc.  As well as, pack your household items such as China, Utilities, clothing, accessories etc. This is an additional cost to the price your are quoted to move.  It can vary based on the amount of items your are wrapping and boxing.  You can always negoitiate the items that you want packed special and just pay an additional feel for those items.   Talk to our specialist today about this service. 1-877-539-5185

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