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WE ARE  dedicated to our customers and offer a  unique solutions for your relocation needs.




Special Moves can mean many things for us is mean any move that is not your everyday ordinary household or commerical move. 


  • Fine Art: We are aware that transporting important Art Work needs to be handled with great care. Right down to the packaging being used to the carton your art-work will be transported in. We have a dedicated staff member who will stay with your shipment from beginning to end. The transport of priceless items demands the highest level of expertise and care.


  • Antiques: Our Professional Company has a professional in staff that is dedicated to handling antiques. The transport of priceless items demands the highest level of expertise and care.


  • Pianos:  We take special care in moving these gems. We know that the sensitivity in moving such and items and we take great care to specially wrap! Shouldn’t you call us to move your piano?





Summer break is the busiest time to move and for college students, that can mean a number of things. Some students will be working summer jobs, some will have internships, some will study abroad, some will move into apartments and some will find themselves back at home with Mom and Dad. And as small as those dorm rooms are, college students usually manage to acquire a lot of stuff during the school year. For students needing a safe place to keep their belongings for the summer months, self storage and mobile storage are convenient, hassle-free solutions.


Self Storage Tips for College Students:

  • Research storage facilities near your campus and find out what the rates are for short- and long-term storage.

  • Arrange heavy items, such as boxes of books, at the bottom of your unit, and store lighter items on top.

  • Purchase a quality lock for your unit and make sure you have an extra key to give to a trusted friend or family member.



Mobile Storage Tips for College Students:

  • Moving off campus? Changing schools? Mobile storage is a great way to move your items at your own pace. Research mobile storage companies near your campus and get at least three quotes.

  • Make sure your campus or apartment will allow you to park a mobile storage unit nearby for a day or several days while you pack it with your stuff. Most portable storage units are built to fit into a standard parking space.

  • If the cost of a portable storage unit is stretching your budget thin, consider splitting the unit with a roommate or trusted friend.




Fast and efficient. Professional movers will get the job done quickly, while still treating your belongings with care. They are trained to pack and carry items according to the company’s rules and policies. Unlike day laborers who charge per hour and may move more slowly, professional movers will work hard to finish your move on schedule.

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