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Giving you the Right Estimate


Easy Move Package - is for those customer who perfer to pack their own items and would just like for us to come and wrap with blankets certain items, load specified items into our trucks and unload at point of delivery. You unpack your items and place your funiture wherever you like.​


Express Move Package - is for those customers who are busy and on the go and do not have time to pack their own items. They need some help from us. We will come into your home package your items into boxes, crate or cartons, wrap your specific items, disassemble items then load items onto our trucks and then unload the items at point of delivery. We will reassemble items, place items where you would like. You will unpack your own boxes and items as you become adjusted to your environment.


Complete Service Package - is for those customers who are looking for a full service move. They understand the value in having our staff come in professionally pack all their items into boxes, professional wrap items with balnkets, specially pack value items such at TV's, Refrigerators, paino's, etc. We will load all items onto our truck and transport items to point of delivery. Upon delivery we will place all items directly into their location, reassemble all items, unpack all items and place into there right place so that all you have to do is turn off your lights and go to sleep.



The final cost of your move will depend on a number of factors such as the services you wish us to provide, the services you are willing and able to do yourself (i.e. packing), whether you will provide your own boxes or wish to purchase clean, unused boxes from us, the volume of goods being moved, whether there are stairs involved, and the distance you are moving.


We do not charge extra for mileage, gas, or stairs (up to 6 flights); however, a fifth floor walk up will take longer to unload than a move to an elevator building, and a move within the same neighborhood will take less time than a move to another county, so these factors do effect the time it takes to complete the move, and subsequently the cost.


Having all the loose items packed up and ready to go will help expedite the move. If you have packed up all your loose items, and are eager and handy, you may take the extra step and disassemble furniture items (like bed frames and cribs) that require disassemble in order to be moved. Please note we will only reassemble items we have disassembled. Also, just because you bought it disassembled (i.e. table, desk), doesn’t mean that it needs to be disassembled in order to be moved.

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